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This page provides information concerning the following:

Overview of Project in State

As summarized on the Project Information page, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been working with State agencies, regional entities, and communities to update coastal flood hazard information and produce new digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) in the Southeastern United States. In Mississippi, the , the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been working with State agencies, regional entities, and communities to update coastal flood hazard information and produce new digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) in the Southeastern United States. In Mississippi, the new coastal engineering analyses performed as part of the coastal flood risk study effort affected the following counties:

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Project Team Information

The project team for the coastal flood risk study effort in Mississippi included skilled professionals from the following organizations:

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Community Contact Information

As with other similar projects undertaken by FEMA and partners in support of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the primary community contacts during the production of the FIRMs and accompanying FIS reports, which are now effective, were the Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, and the floodplain administrator, or FPA.

The CEO is an elected official of a community (e.g., Mayor, County Board of Supervisors President) who has the authority to implement and administer laws, ordinances, and regulations for that community.

The FPA is the community official who is responsible for implementing and enforcing floodplain management measures and for monitoring floodplain development. Floodplain management is the operation of a program of corrective and preventative measures for reducing flood damage, including, but not limited to, emergency preparedness plans, flood-control works, and floodplain management regulations.

Project Team members have compiled contact information for the community CEOs and FPAs in Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties in a "Community Information" table accessible through the link below along with the addresses of the Community Map Repositories, the effective dates of the current effective FIRMs, and statistical information on flood insurance policies.  Additional information on the CEOs, FPAs, and other community officials generally is available on the individual community websites; links to the community websites also are included in the "Community Information" table.

Community Information for Mississippi Coastal Counties, March 2018 (PDF) 

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Coastal Study Contact Information

Please visit the Coastal Study Contacts page for information on who to contact at FEMA, MEMA, and MDEQ regarding the coastal flood risk study effort. The "Community Information" table mentioned above also is accessible through the Coastal Study Contacts page. For additional information, please visit the FEMA website or the Mississippi Coastal Mapping Project website.

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Status and Location of Revised Flood Hazard Maps

The FIRMs and FIS reports for the affected communities in Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties are effective. To view the effective FIRMs and FIS reports, interested parties should:

  • Visit the FEMA Flood Map Service Center Website at On that site, interested parties will be able to view and download the digital versions of the FIRMs, FIS reports, Letters of Map Change (LOMCs), and a wide variety of other NFIP products.
  • Visit the Community Map Repository, or CMR, in the community of interest to view paper copies of the FIRM, FIS report, and LOMCs.
    • The CMR is the local office in a participating community where the NFIP flood hazard map, FIS report, LOMCs, and related products are kept for local use and viewing by citizens.
    • Information on the CMRs in the affected counties appears on the "Community Information" table referenced above.
    • The CMR addresses also appear on the digital versions of the effective FIRM Indexes, which may be viewed or downloaded through the Flood Map Service Center website.
    • You may also obtain information on the CMRs by contacting the FEMA Map Information eXchange, toll free, at 1-877-FEMA MAP (1-877-336-2627).

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Available Resources

FEMA has designed stakeholder pages to identify resources that should be useful to certain interested parties. Links to the stakeholder pages appear on the left-hand side of each page of this Web Portal.

Through the Coastal Study Resources pages, visitors can access an array of useful publications and resources ((e.g., fact sheets, information sheets, flyers, brochures) developed by FEMAState agencies, other Federal agencies, and professional associations and other stakeholder organizations. FEMA will update the inventory of resources that appears on these pages regularly, so please check back often for the latest materials.

Many of the FEMA resources also are accessible through the FEMA Resource and Document Library. The FEMA Resource and Document Library is a searchable, web-based collection of publicly accessible FEMA information resources, including but not limited to the following: CDs, DVDs, publications, brochures, guidance and policy papers, program regulations and guidelines, forms, disability resources, audio and video files, posters, and slide presentations. Users can locate, download, save, or print items from this library.  

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